My (Well Titled) First Post

I have thought quite a bit about what I wanted this place to be for me. I want to utilize my education (I am VERY proud of the degrees I have earned), but I also did not want to make this feel like a chore or homework I neglect until the last moment. So, I’m going to write about and present history (and maybe even some political science, ethics, and other things) in the most earnest way possible. I will do so with respect to minorities and others whose history is extremely delicate and I do not intend on shying away from topics that may make some uncomfortable. No part of history has ever been comfortable, therefore, neither should the study and discussion of it.

So, what about me? Do I have any credentials? Why should I care? Who even am I?

I am, currently, a 28 year-old, white, AFAB female if you want some analytical information. I was born in Ohio in the United States and spent most of my formative years in the part of Ohio that is considered part of Appalachia. I went to a rural high school in Appalachia, then moved on to a university in Appalachia. That university was West Virginia University.

West Virginia University (or, WVU) is where I received both of my Bachelors of Arts in History and Political Science. My focuses were largely American Foreign Relations in the latter half of the 20th century and international relations in general.

I came back to WVU after deciding my desired field to practice history would be Public History. I received my Master of Arts in Public History during the first year of the pandemic, 2020. I am struggling to figure out where I fit in this new world for tourism, which is a lot of what my desired field depends on, and it has been difficult. This is what prompted me to think of other ways I could continue to “work” in a somewhat professional capacity but also zero in on topics I, personally, find fascinating, important, and worth sharing with anyone who would like to listen.

So, this brings me to the announcement of my first topic: United Fruit, Dole, and the US and how they all conspired to interfere in politics abroad and the destabilization of other states.

I should note, states, from now on, refer to countries themselves and not individual states like we think of here in the US that make up the country itself.

I’m purposely not putting deadlines for myself for any of this and do not intend to have a regular posting schedule, at least for now. However, I intend to structure this blog (or whatever you would like to call this place) to release smaller pieces around larger, much more flushed out pieces. I also have no intent to replying to comments that are clearly bait and/ or are clearly intended to stray from civil, adult, knowledgeable, and researched discussions. I WILL, however, be receptive to constructive criticism and alternative viewpoints that deserve to be discussed and researched as well, especially when it comes to topics that are not my own (such as the history of people that aren’t white with European ancestors).



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Passionate, freelance historian and proud WVU grad. Yes, I’m proud to be a Dog Mom.